The Mousseau Bay LoonCam is Live

Log on or copy and paste the live video/sound camera at to see and hear the happenings in the bay. You can even “chat” or ask questions about the happenings you observe. We will try to respond to as many as we can.

This link will take you to a YouTube channel. Watch or scroll down until you see a “red” dot in the lower left corner of the thumbnail. Click on this to see the nest live. The archived images are from prior years and are fun to watch too but the live video feed will have the red dot.

Upon returning home from a weekend trip, we noticed two loons swimming around the nest, a good sign. The weather was cool, then overnight a snow flurry made the ground white early yesterday morning, burr, it’s supposed to be spring.  About 6:30 a.m. a pair of loons were observed “looking over the nest” seemingly with approval. Then about 9:00 a.m. nest activity, with one of the loons in the nest rearranging the provided vegetation. Later in the morning we observed three loons  about 50 yards away, wonder what was going on with this behavior???  Mid-afternoon one of these loons was back in the nest doing more rearranging, while the mate kept a watchful eye out for Mr. Eagle that was soaring overhead.

While testing the camera last evening we found it has a great  picture with sound. The wind screen we installed has helped some, but still there is background wind noise that we will not be able to eliminate.  There is a “indent” in the nest that was made by the loons!  Hope this is a good sign that they like the digs provided for them.

This morning, the pair was seen circling the nest, but they did not enter the nest at day break.  Still good signs, however, as the weather is just above freezing, it’s too cold to lay eggs and expect them to be viable.

Hope you enjoy all the wild natural happenings in the bay this season. Will we get a nesting pair? If so will they hatch a chick or two? Game On!