Happy Spring and Happy Birding!  My name is Judd Brink Owner/Guide of MN Backyard Birds.
Each year millions and millions of birds die due to glass collisions. Here are some helpful tips to help birds avoid windows. Large glass windows or patio doors should have streamers, decals or other things to help break up the reflection and see through effect. Drapes and curtains can be closed while at work – this will also save on energy bills!
Birds Observed This Past Week in the Brainerd Lakes Area
The spring migration has now taken flight with many new birds arriving daily to the lakes area!
Birds being observed and or reported within the Brainerd lakes area include. White-faced Ibis, Red-headed Woodpecker, Baltimore Oriole, Scarlet Tanager, Chimney Swift, Brown Thrasher, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Harris Sparrow, Whip-poor-Will, Ovenbird, Black and White Warbler, Indigo Bunting, Eastern Kingbird, White-crowned Sparrow, American Redstart, Common Redpoll, House Finch, Pine Siskin, Goldfinch, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Pileated Woodpecker, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Northern Flicker, Raven, White Pelican, Tree Swallow, Purple Martin, Cliff Swallow, Woodcock, Ruffed Grouse, Mallard, Common Loon, Red-breasted Merganser, Woodduck, Common Goldeneye, Hooded Merganser, Trumpeter Swan, Canada Goose, Blue-winged Teal, Killdeer, Bald Eagle, Turkey Vulture, Broad-winged Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, Cooper’s Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Osprey, American Kestrel, Eastern Bluebird, White-throated Sparrow, Junco, Chipping Sparrow, Song Sparrow, Great-blue Heron, Belted Kingfisher, Eastern Towhee, Ruby-crowned Kinglet and Eastern Phoebe. Happy Birding!
Be well, be safe and enjoy watching the birds from home or out at the many trails found in the area.
Birding Kits

Go birding today and use our birding kits which are available for your birding convenience during your stay in the Brainerd Lakes area. Find more information on the Bird Watching.

These weekly birding reports are provided in partnership between Visit Brainerd and Judd Brink Owner/Guide of MN Backyard Birds from April through October each year. If you want to share a photo or have a unique bird sighting, please email them to info@birdminnesota.com