Gull, North Long, Hubert are all pumping out great fish but travel with caution.

The ice is getting very soft but we still have anywhere from 20-28 inches of ice depending on the lake. The shorelines are really taking a beating. Some lakes ATV/snowmobile travel is still possible while other lakes I would strongly advise against it so use your better judgement.

Every lake still has foot travel if you access the lake off of the side of the public accesses. This weekend is predicted to be very warm so shoreline conditions will change rapidly.

Bluegills and crappies are being caught very shallow right now with most bites coming in the top 1 to 2 feet of water under the ice. Gull, North Long, Hubert are all pumping out great fish. Find shallow flats that have some weed grown and your success increases.

Nate Berg
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