Brainerd Fishing Report: Happy MN Fishing Opener!

The Brainerd Lakes Area fishing has been good, and fish have been moving to more “summer-like” patterns. Walleyes have been responding to slip bobber/leech abs minnow/jig presentations in various depths. During the day, focus on breaks/steep edges in 16-25ft and green weeds. Fish roaming the weeds may be holding in pockets, inside weed lines or on the deeper edges. Northern Pike have been active in and around developing weeds using various tactics such as jig/swimbaits, minnow-profile crankbaits, and jig/minnow presentations. Target them in 8-16ft.

Night-bite: Don’t overlook night fishing as walleyes on several bigger, clear lakes in the area have been roaming and feeding heavily on shallow sand flats, inside weedlines and rocky/gravel bottoms around sunset and through the night. Longline shallow running crankbaits such as Smithwick Rattlin’ Floating Rogues in 4-8ft to entice walleyes of all sizes, with the chance of catching big fish!

Mille Lacs: Fish continue to hold to various cover and depths, but focus on windblown shorelines, first breaks, inside turns, points and transitions between hard and soft bottoms. Focus efforts in 6-16ft at low-light and 16-22ft during the day. Slip bobbers/leeches and jig/minnow combos have been consistent producers.

I also want to recognize Memorial Weekend is approaching so it’s a great time to enjoy your fishing adventures in remembrance of our fallen heroes who gave their lives to protect ours. Hawg Hunterz Guide Service has fully guided fishing trip availability Memorial Weekend in the Brainerd Lakes Area and Mille Lacs Lake, but they won’t last long! As always, good luck, stay safe and Happy Hawg Hunting!

Brainerd Fishing Report provided by Dustin Monson – Hawg Hunterz Guide ServiceĀ