Fishing Has Stayed Pretty Consistent in Brainerd, MN

We are nearing this weekends Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza. Obviously this year is going to be very different than it was in the past with every body of water in the state to be part of the fun. Let’s all keep in mind that this is more about charity than it is about winning prizes so lets all play fair and honest while having fun catching fish. Let’s all applaud the Jaycees for doing their very best to keep this awesome charitable tradition alive as well as give everyone a chance to win a great prize. I will be on the water with my same good friends that travel here from Fargo every year so ya never know, I may see you out on an area lake.

Fish species available for prizes are: walleyes, northern pike, perch, tullibee, sunfish and crappies. There will be 500 spots for a chance to win with 150 of those spots actually winning a prize. All prizes will be dictated by length. I highly suggest visit the official rules page of the event’s website.

Fishing has stayed pretty consistent in the Brainerd Lakes Area. If you are looking for walleyes, look towards the low light periods of the day. Tips of points have been the best of late. Try to get right on the edge of the weed line and your odds will increase. A few walleyes on Gull have been in the weeds during day light hours. Get really aggressive in your search, moving often. Aggressively jigging flashy spoons tipped with a minnow head has been the best. I would highly suggest dropping a tip up down as well with a light northern sucker minnow to target some really the good pike that have been working the flats as well.

Crappies and bluegills have stayed very much the same has it has for the past month with the best fishing being off the edges of the basin areas as well as in the weeds. Crappies have started roaming the deeper basin a bit more than they have in the previous few weeks, especially during day light hours. Look at using 1/32 to 1/16 oz jigging spoons. The colors really are going to be dictated by the water color. The dirtier the water the more we have been leaning to glow spoons rather than bright colors. Bluegills have been hitting plastics very consistently all across the area. Some days, waxies and spikes have been out performing plastics so make sure you have them on hand.

My plan for Saturday is to hit an area Brainerd lake to go after whatever bites. The goal is to get enough fish for a good fish fry or two for my friends while possibly winning a prize. I am leaning towards setting out tip ups and try to get a good pike. With all lakes open, I am expecting some good fish to be caught and some good lengths needed to even qualify.

Fishing report provided by Nate Berg Fishing Guides .