New to the Brainerd Lakes Area, Brainerd Zip Line Tours will open May 1st 2016 and we have a special offer for you to save 25%!

Recently we announced that in addition to several other new things to do in the Brainerd Lakes Area visitors and Brainerd area residents will soon be able to enjoy a seven line two hour zip line tour from the areas highest point at Mount Skin Gull just north of Brainerd.

According to Brainerd Zip Line owner Lee Kerfoot the experience will be a two-hour tour from gear-on to gear-off with the great scenic views. The longest zip line will come in at more than nine hundred and sixty feet long with a rider’s speed depending on their weight. Riders will need to weigh between seventy to two hundred and fifty pounds and be ten years old or older. They must also wear closed-toed shoes, because zip lining in flip-flops is a good way to lose a flip-flop or jam a toe! Brainerd Minnesota Zip Line Tours

The zip line tours will also provide GoPro mounted cameras for rent allowing riders to capture high-definition photos or video of their wild ride. “It’s great for events like birthday or bachelorette parties,” Kerfoot said. “As well as for team building and bonding.”

Construction on the zip lines has finished and they will open May 1st 2016 and remain open through the fall colors and close over the winter. The Brainerd Zip Line Tour will market its unique experience to the thousands of tourists who visit the Brainerd lakes area each summer, Kerfoot said. It’ll provide a chance for people to get a different perspective on the scenic Brainerd Lakes Area.

The property is located just a short drive from all of the great Brainerd/Baxter hotels and waterparks and will add an exciting new feature to the lineup of activities that bring people from around the country and even the world to the Brainerd Lakes Area, Minnesota’s premier vacation destination.