On Tuesday 12/31 , The Arboretum had skate lanes made at 10 am, the track has been shallow and snows been drifting as well. After that Forestview was taken care of.

In the new year the groomer will be working on skate lanes in French Rapids.

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Snowmobile Trails

Conditions are slowly improving and the colder temperatures this week will help a lot. The swamps still have some bad spots and lakes are sketchy in places, use caution. Clubs have been out with all their equipment trying to get the trail system safe and operational.

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Fat Tire Bike Trails

The trails that reside in the Cuyuna system were attended to nearly equal to 6 hours a day during the work week in the month of December. The Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Biking Trails Crew will continue to keep up the good work throughout the rest of the biking season.

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