Grooming Update:

Thursday 2/6 – French Rapids was done. The groomer was able to get the teeth all the way down so had good results on skate lanes. High school will be there today after school.

Tracks on all systems are ice. Unfortunately, we need some snow and temps to cooperate in order to do anything with them.

Friday 2/7 – Skate lanes will be done at Forestview and the Northland Arboretum.

Forestview and French seemed to have survived the melt down last weekend due to less traffic. The Northland Arboretum is improving.

The county groomer was spoken to. Equipment is up and running and as of 11:10 am he was starting on Larson Lake. The section team will be there Saturday am and I will update after that. The groomer does post on Skiiny Ski when he grooms.

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Snowmobile Trails

Update for 02-12-2020

Trail Conditions in the area are good to very good. The trails are very hard and getting icy in some of the open areas but are holding up well, 2″ to 3″ of new snow would make them incredible again. There are still have some issues with unfrozen swamps but those are working themselves out but, as always, use caution. MnDot and County road crews are once again “winging” shoulders and leaving huge ice chunks on some of the trail ditches, use caution.

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Fat Tire Bike Trails

Wednesday 2/12 – Trails are still in great shape post-Whiteout. Due to plowing/sanding for the Whiteout, the Rally Center is good shape too. Better bundle up Today!

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