Grooming Update:

Saturday 2/22 – Northland Arboretum skate lanes and new track were dealt with.

Sunday 2/23 – Northland Arboretum skate lanes except for Johnson and North Star were completed.

Monday 2/24 – Northland Arboretum & Forestview skate lanes were taken care of.

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Snowmobile Trails

Update for 02-27-2020

The trails are very hard and getting icy in the open areas plus are showing some melt, especially in the ditches. In the woods the trails are in good condition but are very hard. The northern end of the County is in better condition than the southern end.

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Fat Tire Bike Trails

Monday 2/24 – Good trail conditions continue. Based on temps, this might be the last week of true winter fat biking. Long term forecasts show rising daytime temps. That means the melty man cometh… Get out there now and ride as much as you can!

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