Grooming Update:

Monday 2/3 – Forestview skate lanes were dealt with as well as the Northland Arboretum’s. Depending on the further conditions the tracks may be reset.

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Snowmobile Trails

Trail Conditions in the area are good to very good. We did have some melting over the weekend that has caused some icy areas. there’s still h some issues with unfrozen swamps but those are working themselves out. MnDot and County road crews are once again “winging” shoulders and leaving huge ice chunks on some of the trail ditches, please use caution.

Visit for more information regarding snowmobile trail conditions.

Fat Tire Bike Trails

Trails are running fast with most trails being rock hard. The warm weather + grooming yesterday has made for good conditions. Watch for snow boulders though, they litter the sides. Weather this week will perfect for retaining a good groom.

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