Area fishing is HOT right now!

The walleye fishing continues to be really hot in the area.  Weed lines are by far your best bet to find active daytime fish.  Rattling crank baits and pulling big blades with crawlers in the 10-18 foot marks have been the best.  It really doesn’t matter the lake, this bite is pretty uniform across the area.  There is still an awesome night trolling bite happening as well, especially on Gull Lake and North Long.  Fish just off the outside of the weed edge with a stick bait that dives from 4-8 feet.

The largemouth and smallmouth action is hot in the area.  Look for the fish to be in the 14-20 foot marks with a drop shot being the best ticket with a 4-5 inch worm hooked whacky style.  In some of the smaller lakes, deep cranking crank baits have been picking up a few fish as well.  Dont be afraid to through natural colored jigs with a plastic beaver tail in a matching color into thick coon tail.

Pike are still fairly deep with slow rolling big spoons at 1.5 to 2.5 or trolling deep diving musky baits at 3.5-4.mph  being the best bet.  Dont be afraid to use some big sucker minnows on a live bait rig because some days its the only way to produce fish.

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