The Brainerd Lakes Area is feeling the summer heat and summer fishing patterns are in full-swing!

Walleyes are schooled up on mid-lake humps in 16-26ft, and steeper edges near weeds. We are also finding walleyes on sand/muddy/weed transitions in 12-19ft of water at low-light especially around developing weeds near hard bottom areas. Our go-to presentation has been a leech and slip bobber presentation about 2-4 feet above the depth we are seeing fish, and we are still catching fish on a variety of presentations. Longline trolling Smithwick Perfect 10 or Rattlin’ Floating Rogues in the dark from 1.7-2mph is a fun way to catch walleyes on clear bodies of water; also casting to shallow wind-blown weed flats or rocks is effective as a jerkbait. During the day, catch walleyes Lindy jig/minnow combinations as well (blue/glow or gold 1/8oz or 1/4oz jigs are the go-to). Also working is rigging night crawlers and ripping reaction baits (Vexan Crystal Reaper/Moonshine Shiver Minnow).

Crappies have been roaming bays, basins and weeds. Find them on steep breaks, holes and flats in 8-22ft of water. Two main approaches for summer crappies are jig/plastic or slow trolling spinner rig presentations. We opt for using Lindy Fatboy Tungsten Jigs and Mister Twister Sassy Stingum plastics to catch our fish, and troll using Lil Joe Spinners with a Sassy Stingum or crappie minnow. Sunfish are near these same areas and will hit a wax worm tipped on a small lead or tungsten jig; slip or attached floats/bobbers will catch fish. Weed flats and weed edges (or sunken wood) are the go-to structures.

Catch bass and northern pike in bays and inside weedlines in 8-22ft on jig/minnow, soft plastic or wacky worm variations; drop shot techniques for bass are also effective. Trolling a Smithwick Perfect 10 Rogue or using as a jerkbait is also effective.

Target trout on inland designated trout lakes using a Tungsten or 1/32oz jig tipped with a piece of angle worm, wax worm or soft plastic such as the Mister Twister Sassy Stingum. Also very effective has been trolling small crankbaits at 2-2.8mph. Fish are under the surface to 40ft deep, so it’s important to try different presentations or use your electronics to see the depth of most fish to target.

Feel free to share your pictures, outdoor adventures, and memories with us, we love to see/hear them! Good luck, stay safe and Happy Hawg Hunting!

Hawg Hunterz Guide Service