Snowmobile Trails:

Crow Wing County Snowmobile Trails Association Clubs 12/23/21: The trails in the area did receive 4″ on 12-21-21 but the trails are thin. The lakes are freezing nicely but the swamps are taking longer.


The Brainerd Snodeos maintain and groom 107 miles of trail from Brainerd to Riverton, to Crow Wing State Park, to Harding and towards Garrison.

12/23/21: We had all swamps packed before the rain. I don’t think any have opened back up. We are opening all gates Wednesday or Thursday night. We started rolling and panning some trails tonight and will continue Wednesday and Thursday. Not enough snow yet to groom. Be careful and stay on the trail if you venture out.

Fort Ripley Trail Busters

12/23/21: Updated report not found.

Gull Lake Drifters

12/23/21: Drifters packed swamp to Breezy. Cleared and put-up signs in Pillsbury. More to do. Trees down from last windstorm. Hwy 77 will be groomed.

Merrifield Marathons

12/23/21: Updated report not found.

Baxter Snowmobile Club groom weekly on Monday Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

12/23/21: We are still in packing mode. We are not grooming.

Mount Ski Gull:

We offer skiing, snowboarding and tubing in one convenient location. Helping our community to become a better place to live has been our guiding principle for 50 years. Mount Ski Gull’s mission is to provide challenging activities in a fun and healthy environment which empowers youth to develop confidence, competency, and compassion.

12/23/21: Open Ski & Snowboarding      12/23/21   10am-8 pm

12/24/21   9 am-3 pm

12/25/21   CLOSED

12/26/21   10am-8 pm

12/27/21   9 am-8pm

12/28/21   9 am-8pm

12/28/21   9am-8pm

12/23/21: All tubing tickets must be purchased ONLINE PRIOR TO ARRIVAL!

12/24/21   9am-3pm

12/25/21   CLOSED

12/26/21   11am-6 pm

12/27/21   10 am-7 pm

12/28/21   10 am-7 pm

12/29/21   10 am-7 pm

Ski Trails:

There are many ski trails in the Brainerd Lakes Area; many of which are groomed Grant-In-Aid funded trails. To “legally” ski any GIA funded trail, cross country/Nordic skiers aged 16 years and older must purchase a MN Ski Pass. A non-pass holder can be sited by any Conservation Officer if caught on these trails without a pass. The Annual and 3-Year passes can be purchased at any ELS (Electronic Licensing Station) station (if they sell fishing licenses, etc., they will sell ski passes) and the Daily can be purchased from a variety of non-ELS providers. The Northland Arboretum is one provider in our area that sells the daily pass.

The Northland Arboretum contains trails for all experience levels. These trails are groomed for classic and skate.

12/22/21: Trails were rolled today; it was a beautiful skate ski day. Little debris, it was as good a day to skate skis as it gets.


The Pine Beach Ski Trails are both classic and skate and include trails for all abilities.

12/22/21: These trails are not groomed, checked at the Truck Road parking lot. One could cut trail themselves through the snow if they wanted.


The French Rapids trails are groomed classic and skate, include steep hills and are for intermediate and advanced skiers.

12/22/21: These trails are not open yet, no grooming has happened though one could cut trail classic skiing if they wanted.


The Larson Lake Trail system is a good mix of classic and skate trails.  Please note that the interior loops are classic only.

12/22/21: Skate skied all the skate trails! Good coverage overall, thin base, with I think a few rocks that you can see, but are avoidable (I did not hit them so just thought they were rocks). Pulled some sticks off and a bit of debris still but happy for the good rolling of the trails! Some classic trails on the far end are not rolled. Four inches of new snow. Rolled all trail segments except the interior segment on the upper area. Two-inch base with some grass and twigs showing through in several segments. No classic tracks set yet due to thin base.


The Wolf Lake Ski Trail is a classic only trail system.

12/22/21: Four inches of new snow. Rolled all trail segments. Two-inch base with grass and twigs showing through in areas. No classic tracks set yet due to thin base.

Thank you to the Brainerd Nordic Ski Club, and Mark Kavanaugh for their reports.