On Tuesday 12/31 , The Arboretum had skate lanes made at 10 am, the track has been shallow and snows been drifting as well. After that Forestview was taken care of.

In the new year the groomer will be working on skate lanes in French Rapids.

Visit BrainerdNordicSkiClub for more information.

Snowmobile Trails

There isn’t much on grooming yet. The clubs are doing what they can on the higher ground but many of the trails run through swamps or go across lakes. The swamps have not froze and the lakes do not have adequate ice yet, so we are having a difficult time getting our equipment into these places. Some of the clubs are running Argos, Side by Sides and sleds trying to pack the swamps but we are getting stuck even with those. This still holds true due to our recent warm weather and precipitation. Please be patient for colder weather and better riding.

Visit for more information regarding snowmobile trail conditions.